Boons ’n curses of modern technology

Technology has made life easier. We now have less time consuming alternatives and can lead more comfortable lives. However, on the other hand technology has also made human beings more mechanical. Modern technology has deprived human beings of their humane nature and is overwriting the ancestral manual methods of working and reasoning.

— Ankit Neopane

Of course, modern technology has made our lives more comfortable than ever before. The boon of modern technology is becoming ever more evident in the simple activities of our lives and continues to make it even better.

— Dipesh Dangol

Definitely technology has made our lives much easier. Every aspect of our life has been influenced by modern technology. And it’s prominent in all the aspects from transportation and communications to general health. Technology has introduced the concept of global village and we all regard general welfare as our foremost concern. Humanitarian activities, which are being conducted today, wouldn’t have been possible without modern technology.

— Rajesh Lal Nyachhyon

Today we can’t even imagine our lives without television, computer and cell-phones. They have become indispensable to our lives.

— Saroj Bhurtel

Technology has indeed made our lives simpler. It has brought spectacular changes in the way people live. It has brought about significant and positive changes in all faculties of human activity.

— Eva Shrestha

Life was beautiful before technology intervened. Technology must have accelerated the progress of human lives but the danger of catastrophes has become all the more inevitable.

— Snigdha Sharma

Let’s assume that technology has no role to play and life would seem all the more beautiful. If technology is to replace humans, the day is no longer far away when most of us would be unemployed. Technology has indeed proven to be boon for human society but excessive dependability on technology has turned humans into lifeless machines.

— Praagya Raj Regmi

All the better things that we see today are the result of technological innovations. I suppose, we shouldn’t argue on how comfortable our lives have become. What technology does is to make our lives comfortable and better.

— Pushkar Baral

I think that technology has created a rift between human relationships. It has turned human beings into virtual machines. This is not to completely disregard the boon of technological developments but the adverse impact that cannot compensate for the damage that it has already done mankind.

— Akanchya

Think of the war that prosperous nations wage against the weaker ones. Think of the weapons of mass destruction and biological and nuclear warfare. Think of the environmental degradation and the many disasters that take its toll on thousands of lives almost everyday. If there’s one thing that we can put our blame on, it’s nothing but advanced modern technology!

— Neelotpal Sharma

Modern technology has both its merits and demerits. It’s entirely upon us how we choose to make the best use of it.

— Abhinay Jayaswal

We have children who are extremely reluctant to leave the TV and we have at the same time some adults who are consumed by the habit of not walking simply because of the availability of vehicles. When adult complain of bad health and the children feel better off without books, isn’t the answer vivid and crystal clear?

— Anurodh Singh Karki

Obviously, the advent of modern technology has come along with the growing needs and standards of living. In the past decade, the computer has been responsible for changing lifestyles. Unfortunately, there are demerits, which has become the biggest threat to human civilisation.

— Avishek Bhandari

The development of technology has made the world a global village. Modernisation is possible only when there is development of technology. The victories of science and technology are glorious beyond description. Due to the development of technology many things regarding the treatment of dangerous diseases, construction of roads and tunnel in hills, power plant, etc are easily possible.

— Rabin Bhattarai

Technology has made our life convenient. All modern facilities we are using are possible because of technological development. I wouldn’t have been able to respond to your question on time hadn’t it been for the Internet. Progress in various fields like communication, transportation is the result of progress of modern science. The demerits of technology are often overshadowed by the advantages.

— Prakash Subedi

Technology has converted the entire world to what many have said “a global village”. A mere click of a mouse gets anyone acquainted with the happenings in other parts of the globe in seconds. Still we cannot overlook the truth that there is greater freedom in simple living. Even a minor technical glitch or inaccuracy can cause a huge damage to people’s life and property. A sense of materialism has cropped up among the people due to their desire to acquire benefits from such multifarious technology. In addition to this feeling of materialism, the unequal distribution of technology has largely differentiated people’s lifestyles making it a boon for the privileged few.

— Hem B Chaulagain