Brad can’t sing: Norton

LONDON: Actor Edward Norton has slammed rumours that he and Brad Pitt will be starring in musical version of their hit film Fight Club, because of Pitt’s bad singing.

Norton has asserted that he and the Troy star, who co-starred with him in the 1999 movie, will not be doing the stage reprisal of the movie. The 39-year-old star said that Brad Pitt can’t sing, so it is most unlikely that he could star in the musical.

“This has been floating around for a while. I’ve seen different notions of it. I doubt it’ll be me and Brad. I know Brad can’t sing,” the Daily Star quoted Norton as saying.

It is rumoured that the music for the stage version of the movie will be given by Nine Inch Nails star Trent Reznor. He said, “Reznor would be about the right vibe for it, I guess.”