Brain drain : Nepal’s major problem

With the long-pending political crisis Nepalis are gradually turning pessimistic towards their own country. Many people, especially youths, have developed a negative attitude towards their country.

With this, the trend of going abroad is increasing at an alarming rate. The prime goal of today’s youngsters is to go abroad and settle there. Today, even a student who has recently completed his higher secondary education aims to go to the US, Canada, Australia to complete his academic career. Many parents are ready to spend their entire hard-earned money to send their children to these countries. Unfortunately, the students who go abroad rarely return home. Ultimately, our country suffers heavily from brain drain every year. In future, it is Nepal that will face the music due to brain drain. Over and above, if this continues, a day might arrive when this beautiful country will be left behind with only helpless children and elderly people.

None of us can deny the fact that there is instability in our country. However, it doesn’t mean that it has no prospect of development. Opportunities are never in hand rather they should be created. All and sundry should respect their nation. So, let’s gear up to take our country to new heights of development.

— Sudhir Shrestha, Class IX, South Point Boarding High School