On May 8 the boarders of Pennwood Academy went on an excursion. They hiked up all the way to Shivapuri hills. They started from Buddhanilkantha and after walking for about 5 hours they took a short rest at Nagi Gumba for lunch. After spending some time there they again resumed their journey down hill. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and it proved to be a good experience for them.

— Reshab Basnet, Class X, Pennwood Academy

Fun fair

The Pioneers organised a fun fair for the school students of the valley at the Pasang Lhamu Wall Climbing Centre situated in Maharajgunj on May 14. The schools that participated in the fair were Triyog High School, Young Hearts, Babylon National School, Shining Stars Sec. Boarding School and Brookfield College. Each school put up their own stalls for the fete. There were exciting games like Hungry Tom, Wheel of Fortune, Aquatic World, Hit the Cans, Dart, Car Race and Bingo which the were exciting visitors enjoyed thoroughly. An added attraction of the fete was the presence of members of the famous Nepali band C.O.D. — Sneha Subedee

Class IX, Triyog High School

Food and flower fest

Shuvatara School organised its fifth Food and Flower Festival in its school premises at Lamatar on May 7, 2005. A wide variety of flowers and an array of exotic and sumptuous were the speciality of the show. The flower competition was categorized into the cut flower and the potted plant and the food competition was categorised into “sweet” and savoury. It was a great success. — Alisha Manandhar

Class IX , Shuvatara School