Brits copies Roberts

LONDON: Troubled star Britney Spears is working on a comeback and she recently posed for Vanity Fair imitating Julia Roberts. reports, in the picture Spears is clutching a rose with her teeth and holding up the issue of Vanity Fair magazine that features Roberts on cover holding the rose in the same manner. Spears’ life seems to have turned around as she is set to make a comeback with a £5 million one-off show in Las Vegas. “The concert will be one to top them all. It will have jaw-dropping lights, amazing costumes and a performance to roll back the years,” said a source.

She is also set to perform at Palms Hotel And Casino at Las Vegas at the end of the year. Her record company is maintaining confidence in her even after her disastrous performance at the MTV VMA last year.

The source added, “There’s a total of 5 million pounds on offer, but the onus is on Spears to put in a top show. Britney is finally getting her life, and career, back on track and the whole world will see the evidence when she steps on that stage.”