Paperback best-sellers

1. Lost Light, By Michael Connelly, Published by Warner Books, pp 416, Price Rs 400

2. The Little Friend, By Donna Tartt, Published by Vintage, pp 640 pages, Price Rs 380

3. The Guardian, By Nicholas Sparks, Published by Warner Books, pp 494, Price Rs 395

4. Soul Circus, By George Pelecanos, Published by Warner books, pp 402, Price Rs 395

5. The Fingerprints of the God, By Greg Iles, Published by Pocket star, pp 560,

Price Rs 380

6. The King of Torts, By John Grisham (American version), Published by Dell,

pp 472, Price Rs 375

7. The Last Juror, By John Grisham, Published by Century, pp 357, Price Rs 425

8. The Davinci Code, By Dan Brown, Published by Warner books, pp 454, Price Rs 425

9. The Ash Garden, By Dennis Bock, Published by Bloomsbury, pp 304, Price Rs 325

10. The Howard Marks’ Book of Dope Stories, By Howard Marks, Published by Vintage,

pp 400, Price Rs 695