Potpourri Sunday

1. Against the Day by Thomas Pynchon,

paperback, published by Vintage,

pp 1232, Rs 850

2. Bad Samaritans: The Guilty Secrets of Rich Nations and the Threat to Global Prosperity by Ha-Joon Chang,

paperback, published by Random House, pp 288, Rs 895

3. Inglorious by Joanna Kavenna,

paperback, published by Faber and

Faber, pp 272, Rs 595

4. On the Road by Jack Kerouac,

paperback, published by Penguin

Books, pp 304, Rs 595

5. What Is the What by Dave Eggers,

published by Hamish Hamilton,

pp 480, Rs 695

6. The Post-American World by F Zakaria, published by W H Horton, pp 288, Rs 895