Building a new Nepal

n Positive change is what we’ve been looking forward to. We want peace and prosperity above everything else, but we also want in a change in the mindset. Everyone has his/her own responsibilities towards building a better society and it’s now time for each one of us to assume it.

— Bezeena Shrestha

n I hope the frequency of strikes will go down. Though protests become inevitable in a democracy, most of the times, they are unnecessary. It causes unnecessary disturbances in our day-to-day life. So, the first changes I look forward are for minimisation of strikes and resolving of disputes in an amicable way.

— Neeta Karmacharya

n I’d like to see Nepal as a peaceful country. Other changes that I look forward to are a makeover of the bureaucratic structure and change in work ethics. I also want to see an end to corruption.

— Santosh

n Nepal definitely stands amidst changes. The first change that we’d like to witness is for peace to prevail. Rather than concentrating efforts elsewhere, it’s time we settled our disputes first.

— Arpana

n It’s now time to act, no matter what other countries have to say about it. The changes I would like to see are — internal fights should come to an end, government efforts should be concentrated for the uplift of economy and a check on corruption. Development efforts should also be decentralised and move outside the capital.

— Suraj Aryal

n I would like to see changes made in the political arena (bringing Maoists to the mainstream) and economic — active participation in the world trade front.

— Samir Jung Rana

n It is time to do something for the country, and work together for a better future. First of all, killings of innocent citizens must be stopped. Destruction of public property must be stopped. Ample opportunities must be created so that the country no longer has to suffer brain drain.

— Sarose Bhurtel

n We must be able to move with times. However, I still don’t comprehend why Nepal has to be declared a secular state when the Constitution doesn’t have any discriminatory provision in terms of religion. It’s a sectarian policy that might lead the country to pay heavily sooner or later.

— Satish Jha

n I want politicians of the new Nepal to give priority to the country and its people rather than their own vested interests. It is the people who build politicians and in return politicians should build the future of the nation. Government must re-consider its policy of encouraging manpower to migrate to foreign countries.

— Rave Yholmo

n After completing my education, I suddenly realised that I was unable to get a government jobme. I lacked fluency in Nepali and that was my biggest hurdle. I want to divert the attention of the ‘Public Service Commission’ to change the format of preliminary exams.

— Pariwesh Lama

n Corruption should be totally eliminated and the government should focus on infrastructure development. Nepal should further retrieve its image as a safe tourist destination. Finally, Nepal should be developed as a trade transit route between its neighbouring giant economies. These changes could catapult Nepal into a different level of development.

— Pradip Bhandari