Cameron Diaz moves court

Los Angeles: Cameron Diaz has filed a suit against the National Enquirer, claiming the tabloid faked a story that accused Cameron of cheating on her boyfriend Justin Timberlake. National Enquirer reported on May 23 with headline, “Cameron Caught Cheating,” and captions “Hot Kisses with Married Guy,” and “What Will She Tell Justin?” featuring photos of Cameron Diaz and an unnamed man. Cameron Diaz, 32, accuses the National Enquirer of taking a series of photos of her and MTV producer Shane Nickerson, a married man, and making it appear the two were kissing. The suit calls those insinuations “defamatory lies.” According to court documents, first obtained by Celebrity Justice, the meeting shown by the Enquirer was “an insignificant and non-memorable occurrence involving co-workers and friends.” Nickerson works on Cameron Diaz’ new TV show. The alleged kissing “never happened.” Cameron Diaz and Shane Nickerson, who claim they were denied a retraction and apology by the

paper, are each asking for more than 10 million dollars in damages. — AP