Candeal’s miracle

KATHMANDU: The three-day third Spanish film festival will kick off on November 17 with the screening of El Milagro De Candeal (Miracle of Candeal) at the Russian Cultural Centre at 5: 00 pm.

Spanish director Fernando Trueba celebrates the transformative power of music in his life-affirming documentary El Milagro De Candeal, which follows Cuban pianist Bebo Valdés, 85 years old and exiled for 40 years in Stockholm, as he travels to Brazil’’s Salvador de Bahía region to explore his African roots. Once there, Valdés visits the favela of Candeal to meet the legendary Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown, who has improved life in his native slum through a positive mix of social activism and music education.

Five films will be screened over the three days and the films have been chosen from different genres so that it will help shed light on the diverse culture of Spain.

The film fest is being organised by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. Entry is free — first come, first served basis.