Capturing captivating nature


The presence of nature and wildlife is so vast and integrated in our lives that at times we just don’t realise or notice their beauty. The annual Nature and Wildlife Photography Competition organised by Wildlife Conservation Nepal is an event that reminds us and brings out the amazing natural beauty.

In its fourth year, the competition’s winners were awarded on August 28 at the Nepal Art Council where an exhibition of the photographs ‘Nature Thro-ugh Lens ‘ is being held.

The competition, which is only for amateurs, saw around 300 photographs from 140 participants. Divided into four categories — Landscape, Flora, Fauna and Marco, the winners were judged under three major criteria — composition, relevance to the title nature and wildlife and technical proficiency.

The huge collection of photographs entered in the competition presented an overall view of the nature. Some of the photographs have been taken at very close proximity but yet have captured animals in their natural self. In terms of landscape, the participants have been able to capture a variety in nature. From different times of the day to different state of places, one can see every aspect of places. There is serenity in some photos while some have captured the destruction of nature.

For the grand prizewinner Susheel Shrestha, it was a very special moment for the subject of his photograph is the one that he had always been wishing to capture. Being from Tarai, Shrestha said he always wanted to take photos of frogs during the first rainfall of the month Asad, when the frogs comes out in group and croak. His winning photo captures an Indian bullfrog.

American ambassador to Nepal Nancy Powell gave away the prizes and inaugurated the exhibition. Head of Environment Affairs at US Embassy in Nepal, John Adams was also present.

The judges for the competition were Mani Lama, Nirpa Dhoj Khadka, Deepak Rana, Raj Bhai Suwal and Bikash Rauniyar. Funds collected from the exhibition is contributed for scholarship programmes to support exceptional students living in areas around Chitwan and Bardia National Park, for conservation in Kathmandu valley and also to support young researchers working in the field of Urban Wildlife.

The exhibition is on till August 31.


•Landscape: Bijay Gajmer

•Flora: Rajendra Dev Adhikari

•Fauna: Yatra Thulung

•Marco: Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka