Celebrating Korea’s flavours and hues


It was a relatively hot day, on the greens lawn of Soaltee Crown Plaza hosts and visitors alike were with all smiling faces. With some folk talking amongst themselves, little children playing around, some young traditional percussionists, dancers, and martial artistes readying to display their talents, food stall owners all set with excited faces — the Korean Festival was gearing up to be a fun event on November 3.

The formal proceedings of the day commenced at around 12.45 pm, with the Korean Ambassador to Nepal Nam Sang-jung, and the Nepali Ambassador to Korea, Kamal Prasad Koirala, among others, congratulating the hosts and wishing the visitors bon appetite.

“I hope this kind of event leads to better bilateral relations between the two countries,” Sang-jung said. Koirala too remarked, “There are times when you want to be extravagant — one in food, another in charity. Both are here in the festival.”

The innocent dances of the elementary level students were enjoyable, and the taekwondo displays by senior students were equally interesting. The most exciting part among their demonstrations was the last scintillating back tumbling kick to break a wooden plate held high in the air by other participants.

However, the major attraction of the festival was the food stalls. A good range of foods, dominated by rice and meat products, was available — Koreans, Nepalis as well as foreigners — to enjoy. The varieties of rice cakes — skewered, coated by spices like sesame and also chocolate, Kimbab (rice cake rolled in seaweed with other items, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), among others, could be tasted. The simple yet diverse food varieties brought out vividly Korea’s picture as an agriculture-based society with simple yet creative people.

The event was organised by Korean Association in Nepal, and sponsored by Korean Embassy, Korean International Cooperation Agency, Kathmandu Korean Church and Korean School. The proceeds from the event will go to the flood victims of Nepal.