Celebration of fulpati


The seventh day of Dashain is known as Fulpati. On this day jamara is brought from Gorkha and kept at Hanuman Dhoka Durbar. On this day a procession carrying Jamara and other essential items for tika come from Gorkha. A kalash (vessel) filled with holy water, jamara, banana stalks, and sugar cane covered with a red cloth is brought by Brahmans from the Gorkha Durbar on a decorated palanquin under a gold tipped and embroidered umbrella, led by the military platoon.

A special programme is also held at Tundikhel by the Nepal Army. Guns are fired and the entire valley echoes with the resonance sound of it.

The firing continues for ten to fifteen minutes to honour the fulpati. By the time the function ends the fulpati is already taken inside the Dashain ghar in Hanuman Dhoka Palace. With this the Dashain feasting starts.

Auspicious time for Fulpati, October 18 — 10:01 am to 10:31 am

Auspicious time for tika, October 21 10:47 am to 10:59 am