Celina wants Pooja to apologise in print


Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley says she will withdraw her lawsuit against Pooja Bedi, who allegedly called her mentally ill and delusional, if the latter issues a public apology.

“If she apologises to me in all the leading newspapers, I wouldn’t want to take this further. But calling someone delusional is not a small matter. I have nothing against Pooja. So I don’t know why she decided to talk like this. People are wondering why she has spoken like this,” said Jaitley.

It all began with Endemol asking Celina to participate in their reality show Fear Factor. Although the actress turned down the offer, the production house used her name in the publicity campaigns. “I didn’t mind all this unwanted attention, but when my name was used as one of the contestants for the publicity for Fear Factor, I blew up. I totally understand protocol. Then I see Pooja Bedi jumping into the whole thing. I don’t know her except when we met for her chat show. I can’t see why she spoke about me like that,” said Celina.

“It isn’t as if I’ve gone on a suing spree. I don’t want Pooja’s money, but a printed apology is a must,” added Celina.