Cell safe

Being a person closely involved in the mobile phone industry for many years I wanted to give you a strong insight into the concerns about Mobile Phone Radiation and the protection you need from EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation). You can then draw your own conclusions on this subject and make your own decisions. So let’s get straight to it.

In 2001 a leading Australian Scientist began researching a link between Mobile Phones and Cancer. These were some of his findings:

• Phone companies are insisting that mobile phones only omit low levels of radiation, but tests have shown that even exposure to low levels of radiation can be harmful

• Long periods of time exposed to EMR can cause changes to cell structure and could ultimately lead to brain tumours

In June of 2004 a prominent ne-urosurgeon also carried out some research between mobile phones and brain tumours. Some of his findings were:

• A 40 per cent increase over the last 20 years (since the beginning of mobile technology) in brain tumours

• Brain Tumours are now the no. 1 threat for children overtaking leukaemia

• Most of his patients had developed these tumours just above the ear on the same side that they use their mobile phone

Some other interesting facts to come out of tests on this subject were:

EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) can cause problems with the following:

• The reproductive system

• Your eyes

• Memory and reaction times

• Sleeping patterns

• Headaches, diz-ziness and nausea

Now don’t panic just yet because there are some ways to reduce your exposure to EMR or what’s commonly known as “mobile phone radiation” Here are some tips that I would recommend — for protection against mobile phone radiation.

• First and foremost - try to reduce the amount of calls you make and receive on a mobile phone and where possible use your home phone.

• Take a look at the actual length of your calls because the longer the call the higher the possibility of more exposure to radiation.

• Remember that if you’re using a portable hands-free you are not necessarily safe.

• Try to avoid keeping the pho-ne on or near your body because the-re have even been connections to infertility in men

• Ensure that you get your point across and get off the phone!

In other words, use your mobile phone for what you need to say and then end the call as soon as you can...

• Also avoid long calls before going to bed. Tests show that your quality of sleep suffers greatly as a result.

Finally, the best recommendation I can give is exactly what I do myself and that is...

You might like to consider getting yourself a m-obile phone with an inbuilt speakerphone. This way you’ll be able to actually place the mobile phone in front or away from you without having the mobile phone near your head or any part of your body for that matter.