Chadha to direct Dallas


She calls it her “big Hollywood film”. Gurinder Chadha has just firmed up what’s unarguably her most expensive and challenging film based on the successful American series Dallas starring John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez.

Chadha has teamed up with Travolta and Lopez for the big-screen adaptation of Dallas. For the uninitiated, Dallas is the longest-running American TV serial. Incepted in 1978 by CBS television, it lasted for 13 years. It told the story of the prosperous Ewing family in Texas lorded over by the tyrannical Miss Ellie.

“I have been catching up on series one and two of the Dallas, also the film Giant. My film will be very much similar in spirit and theme to the TV series. It will be a Texan family who have millions and millions of dollars. I am familiarising myself with Texan culture...”

Others in the cast are Luke Wilson and Shirley MacLaine.