chef’s choice: Delightful strawberry story

Kathmandu :

With strawberries coming into season, it is the ideal dessert for a party at home.

Something sweet after a meal is what we all crave for. Preparing a quick dessert at home for a get-together at times puts you in dilemma. You don’t want just anything out of the market shelves and traditional sweets at times sound boring. Executive Chef Vikram Ganpule of Hyatt Regency shares an easy recipe for strawberry with ice cream for the hot summer days.

Exotic treat

“This dessert is so simple to make yet sounds exotic and is delicious. Especially with strawberries coming into season, it is the ideal dessert for a dinner party at home,” he enthuses.

Strawberry flambé with ice cream


Fresh strawberries: 1 kg

Sugar: 200 gm

Brandy or rum

Ice cream

Chopped strawberries according to your wish


• Wash, take off the green leaves and puree the strawberries in your kitchen blender.

• Take a pan, add sugar and on low to medium heat keep stirring preferably with a wooden spoon till sugar starts to acquire a golden colour.

• Add the puree of strawberries and give one boil, then add chopped strawberries as per your taste and simmer till strawberries are cooked and the whole thing thickens. If it thickens before the strawberries are cooked, just add a little hot water

• Take off the fire and cool. You can keep this keep refrigerated till use later on.

• Heat the strawberry puree in a pan and add brandy — carefully tilt the pan away from you till the brandy catches fire, then allow the fire to burn out and serve in a bowl topped with ice cream. (Vanilla flavour goes best, but you can use any flavour.)

With a little practice flambéing is easy, however, if you find it too challenging, just omit it.

Heat the strawberries and serve with ice cream — delicious!!