Chef’s choice:For warm rainy days


This rainy season enjoy delicious soup from the well-known Russian kitchen — Chimney of Yak and Yeti Hotel. Chef Krishna Kaji Basnet shares the recipe of the well loved soup Russian Borstch.

“This is an easy and delicious soup well loved by our customers. I hope you and your family will love it too,” says Chef Basnet.

So what’s keeping you away from the kitchen? Get the ingredients, easily available in the market near you, and voila your soup for the evening is ready.

Russian Borstch


•Carrot: 1kg

•Button onion: 1/2 kg

•Potatoes: 1 kg

•Beet root: 1kg

•Turnip: 1 kg

•Celery: 100 grams

•Tomato puree: 2 litres

•White bean: 300 grams

•Stock (chicken): 4 litres

•Salt: 50 grams

•Sugar: 50 grams

•White pepper: 20 grams

•Chopped dill: 200 grams

•Cream: 200 litres

•Spring onion: 100 grams

•Chopped onion: 200 grams

How to prepare

•Cut all the vegetables into round shape.

•Cook in white chicken stock and tomato puree for six hours or till the vegetables are well cooked.

•Wait until its gets cold. Keep it in cold storage for one day.

•The next day, cook for an hour and then season it with salt, white pepper, chopped spring onion and celery.

•Serve with sour cream, finely chopped onion and chopped dill leaves.