Cheryl Cole was star-struck by Beyonce

LONDON: ''Girls Aloud'' singer Cheryl Cole was left completely star-struck by R&B star Beyonce Knowles when she met her for the first time. Cole met the ''Single Ladies'' hitmaker when she made an appearance on ''X-Factor'' last year and the singer believes that says she acted like a "fool" when she was first introduced to Knowles.

Cole, who is a judge on the UK reality show, feels that she made a spectacle of herself before Knowles, Contactmusic reported. "I turned into a fool when I saw Beyonce, I couldn''t speak to her.

I really embarrassed myself. When I saw Jay-Z the other week I did the same.

I didn''t know whether it was because I''d built it up in my head but when he approached me I started screaming Jay-Z and then turned my back on him," Cole said about her meeting with the star couple. The singer, who just released her first solo track ''Fight For This Love'', says if she could only listen to one artist''s music for the rest of her life she would pick songs by Knowles.

"I think Beyonce would fulfil everything I''d need really. I love watching massive performances with pyrotechnics and dancers, but she can also give you those tender moments," Cole wrote on her MySpace blog.

"Beyonce is my favourite, but I''ve got a jukebox at my house and I put random things on. Music lifts your spirit and takes you to a good place," she added.