Child of 2008

Thank you brother Kamal For all that you have done How much risk you had to take

Yet, you took the greatest challenge By plunging into a sixty feet deep gorge

Just simply out of selfless love.

Kindness is an inner feeling Your mighty heart and selfless power Gave new life to Aradhana, a tiny tot Else, she would be left There forever to rot.

Terrific courage and sacrifice have won Upon which happiness depends Thank you brother, for your brave act Hard times have now turned into times of pride Cause you’ve become

A celebrity for your bravery.

Kindness is not tendered on a demand You gave out of true brotherly love Upon your love, we now proudly stand Thank you, for being our nation’s Youngest hero and a loyal friend.

Your bravery and courage Have spread like wild fire And everyone has a strong desire To meet and greet the Child of Year 2008 You are the saviour, unselfish and pure Innocent as a new born child.

You have opened our eyes By showing an unbelievable feat You magnificent deed Made all the hearts melt And the whole nation felt high.

You have taught us a wonderful lesson.

Of unity and cooperation.

Thank you brother on behalf of the whole nation, We’ve realised that we are all but human beings.

— Sarah Maharjan, Class VII, St Mary’s High School