Child rights in time of war

Dewan Rai


Naniharulai, the first ever album of songs dedicated to children affected by armed conflict, was released at Hotel Orchid in Kathmandu today. “Since music is more expressive then mere words we chose it as the medium to put across our message of children rights,” said Shova Gautam, President of Institute of Human Rights Communication Nepal. Save the Children Norway has supported the project in finance and ANS Audio and Visual in the recording. “The artistes were paid a nominal amount as remuneration for singing the songs,’ she said.

Lyricist Manjul said, “In the songs, I have expressed my feelings as a poet for the sufferings undergone by a young child. The message I have tried to convey through the songs is that children should be given back their childhood.” “Kawaj khelne maidan haina balak khelne thau” goes one of the numbers which speaks on the usurpation of children’s playgrounds by insurgents. Ram Krishna Dhakal, Sapana Shree, Aananda Karki and Shishir Yogi are among those who have lent their voice to the songs. Norwegian Ambassador to Nepal Mr Tore Torang, who was present at the function, said, “These songs should be listened by those engaged in the conflict on both sides of the battlelines.” “Children are the zone of peace,” he said.

A resource manual for community psychosocial counsel was also released by CVICT, a centre dedicated to caring for torture victims, at the programme.