Here is a really good reason children have to rejoice about. The Russian Children Film Festival is starting from December 18 and will continue till December 21. On the special occasion of the Year of the Child 2007 and the Eve of The Year of Family 2008 in Russia this event is being held. A variety of films based on fairy tales and comedies will be shown during the festival.

The schedule for the film festival is as follows -December 18 — Old Hottabych at 3.00 pm

Old Hottacych — A young boy sets free a genie from confinement of two thousand years and the genie becomes the boys loyal servant and showers the boy with presents and it is their journey together that the movie revolves around.

December 19 — Father Frost at 11.30 am and Sadko at 3.00 pm Father Frost — This is a fairy tale about a young girl who is treated badly by her step mother and a young boy who loves her but due to his bragging behaviour turns into a bear. And how they meet again and the problems they have to face forms the story.

Sadko — This story is about a young boys journey to many countries in search of a sweet voiced bird that will bring happiness and the lessons he learns.

December 20 — Through fire, water and brass pipes at 11.30 am and The tale of Tsar Saltan at 3.00 pm

Through fire, water and brass pipes — In this story he main hero’s beloved is kidnapped right in front of him and to get her back he has to go through many difficult trials.

The tale of Tsar of Saltan — This story is about the adventures of Tsarvich Guidon, the thirty three knights led by Chernomor, the beautiful Tsarevna Swan, bewitched by an evil sorcerer and Tsar Saltan.

December 21 — American Daughter at 11.30 am and The secret of the iron door at 2.00 pm.

American Daughter — This story is about a father who kidnaps his own daughter after his wife takes her to America when the couple gets divorced. The hitchhiking that father and daughter go through makes the story.

The secret of the iron door — A young boy behaves badly with a magician and so the magician transports the boy into a magical world where he has many adventures.

Tickets are available for free at Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Kamal Pokhari.