Chilling out with margaritas


Tasting the best of margaritas and tapas at Hotel Yak and Yeti is an occasion to celebrate in itself.

Chef Singhvi has laid out a full tapas bar with cold tapas, marinated olives, dried tomatoes, anchovies, sardines, cornichons and roasted pepper. For any cocktail to taste good, right proportions of each ingredient is necessary. “And a true Margarita is made from three ingredients — tequila, cointreau and fresh squeezed juice. These cocktails are known as sour and consist of spirit, cordial and juice,” says Chef Singhvi, who believes in using the best quality ingredients.

“For tequila I recommend a decent quality silver or blanco tequila. This will give a crisp and lively flavour that works well in mixed drinks,” adds the Chef.

Margarita and Tapas go well together. The tradition of serving small snacks with drinks is found all over Spain. These snacks are called tapas, which literally means a cover or a lid.

Tapas are intended as appetisers, as a nibble before or in between the meals. These are enjoyed in small portions just before a meal with a glass of wine to keep the stomach from growling till the proper meal.

The recipe varies according to taste and tradition of each region. But usually these are served with variety of olives, dry nuts as well as many kinds of cold cuts.

These are true to Spanish kitchen but now have come to become popular throughout the world. The Chef has selected the best of olives and caper berries, marinated dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes, cornichons, marinated sardines and many more to chose from the cold tapas bar.

For those who prefer hot tapas they can pick from garlic shrimps, meat balls in almond sauce, stuffed mushroom on stick, bread fried cheese and many more. The buffet also includes assorted bruschetta, salads and dessert.

(The festival will continue till November 22. Price: Rs 699 per person; includes buffet and a glass of margarita)