Chimney’s lit, winter’s here

KATHMANDU: The ‘Lighting of the Chimney’ at the Yak and Yeti Hotel is a time honoured tradition since the Chimney was established by the famous Boris Lassanvitch some 32 years ago. The lighting signifies the onset of winter.

This year’s lighting was held on November 15

and was graced by ambassador of Russia to Nepal, Andrei Trofimov.

Envoy Trofimov lit the the traditional fire underneath the copper chimney. Also present were other ambassadors and prominent media personalities.

The Chimney Restaurant takes its name from the copper chimney and open brick fireplace that occupy the centre of the room. It offers a cozy circle of conversation while firelight dances on ancient Nepali war shields and a semicircle of warm, red brick.

Boris’ original recipes live on as his famous Borstch Soup is served as well as the Smoked Bekti, Chicken a la Kiev, and the flaming baked Alaska Sagarmatha.