Chloe Sevigny's formal elegance

LOS ANGELES: Chloe Sevigny likes her parties to have formal dress codes because she thinks it makes people behave better.

Chloe Sevigny is changing her wardrobe now she is over 30.

The 35-year-old blonde star has reluctantly decided to ditch numerous outfits because she thinks she is now too old to wear them.

She told Britain's Elle magazine: "There were things that my friend looked at and said, 'You can't do that anymore. Get rid of it.' I hate the whole idea of things having to be age-appropriate, but I guess I'm starting to think that way. Like, I really want floral Dr Martens. But I'm 35 years old. Can I really wear floral Dr Martens? Although I did wear a dress that had smocking to a party not long ago and it reminded me of a piece of candy. I looked like a perverted woman dressed like a five year old, but who cares? I loved it."

Chloe is also more safe with her evening wear choices when she holds parties at her house, because she thinks her guests will behave better.

She said: "I think if I look elegant, then people will behave better at the party. Does that make sense? I worry that if I wear something short, they'll be sloppy."