Clash of quartet next

Kathmandu: The third episode of the fourth round of the Nepali Samsung Tara on July 2 will host the clash of four more stars competing for the remaining six positions for the top ten contestants. Lal Kaji Shrestha, Sanjiv Parajuli, Santosh Lama and Pushpa Paudel will participate to secure their seats for the final combat. Each of the contestants, as they’ve done in the past, retain every bit of optimism. But, as per the rules of game, not everyone can win. And therein lies the suspense for all the contestants as well as the audience in the upcoming episodes!

Though many of the participants have had to pack up their dreams, there are bright prospects

for those who can get ahead a few more miles. And with the best of the performers, the upcoming episodes will definitely succeed in catching eyeballs. “The viewers will find these contenders in their best forms,” says Ranjit Acharya, Managing Director Studio 4 and the brain behind the show. — HNS