Clash of the Khans


The two most powerful Khans in the industry allgededly had a nasty spat in full view of friends and invitees recently at a party. Salman Khan, who hosted a bash for girlfriend Katrina and Shah Rukh Khan, who attended the party with wife Gauri and friend Karan Johar were seen and heard exchanging abuses and barbed comments.

As reported in city tabloids Mumbai Mirror and Mid-Day, the two were allegedly ‘high’ after a few drinks and true to their ‘undiplomatic’ nature could not resist letting out some steam over a lot of seething issues. While Mirror says the spat was over some unsavoury jokes SRK cracked about Salman’s famous ex Aishwarya Rai, Mid-Day says it is was about the poor ratings of SRK’s TV quiz show which Salman picked on to needle SRK.

The two were soon about to come to blows when friends and bystanders intervened. One of them allegedly was Aamir Khan who played the peacemaker.

The truce between the two ‘hotblooded’ Khans is by all means an uneasy one as they both have a history of public spats going back to the days of Chalte Chalte when Salman reportedly stor-med into the sets and created a ruckus over his then-girlfriend Ash, who was to be a part of the SRK film. While both of them have since then called it a truce, there have been friction over a few things here and there as neither of the actors are known to be diplomatic or forgiving.

Mid-Day says Salman was upset when SRK refused to be part of his home production, even though he made it a point to be a part of SRK’s game show with Katrina and earlier made a guest appearance in Om Shanti Om.

Salman allegedly called SRK a ‘matlabi insaan’ who ‘picks up the phone only when he needed people’. SRK allegedly threatened to bash up Salman at his own party.

While Salman has always been the posterchild of Bollywood’s bad boys, SRK’s public outbursts have mostly been private affairs. — Agencies