Classic Encounters end

Kathmandu :

In the run-up to the biggest jazz festival Jazzmandu 2006, the music buffs of the Capital were witness to one of the most heart-warming gigs at the Liquid Lounge on September 20. As 1974 AD played the final notes, bidding farewell to the musical gala Surya Classic Encounters, the audience were overwhelmed by the repertoire of the band that had the crowd captivated.

The encounter began with an instrumental number with the lively thump of drums and strains of guitar followed by the band’s compositions like Changwa in a Foreign Land, Madhu Mast, Samjhi Baschu making the crowd go hysteric. But what was more heartening was the fact that the expatriates seemed to be engrossed, making it evident music indeed speaks the same language for all.

The Classic Encounters was an exclusive ‘invitees only’ Surya Classic event managed by PartyNepal.