Classical strains


Gurukul in association with Aarohan and BP Koi-rala India-Nepal Foundation organised a classical music programme on November 17.

The programme on November 17 featured Sangita Pradhan on the vocals, Achutram Bhandari on tabla, Ramhari Gurung on harmonium and Deepa Ghimire on tanpura.

The auditorium was teeming with listeners even before the show began. As the riffs of sitar blended with pounding tabalas and the chameleonic vocals of Pradhan, it had audiences enthralled for the entire show.

However, it was particularly Pradhan’s vocal faculty that had the audiences raving with intermittent rounds of applauds.

Classical music has its roots in the oriental culture and Gurukul through the interaction of different genres of art aims create a platform for the emerging artists. Gurukul has been organising classical music programmes since the month of Shrawan and featured Pt Bhawanath Sharma in the inaugural show.