Clooney too 0racy to run for prez


George Clooney will never run for president because he’s had too much sex. The star, who has dated a string of women including Teri Hatcher and Renée Zellwe-ger, is convinced his racy past would ruin his chances.

He revealed: “I’ve slept with far too many women. I have a very keen interest in political issue, but if I decided to run for office there would be a few juicy stories dragged back from the depths. I’ve also done far too many drugs and been to too many wild parties.”

Clooney is not the only Hollywood actor who has ruled himself out of a race for the White House. Robin Williams, a reformed alcoholic and drug addict, also admits his colourful past automatically rules him out. “I would never run for office because I make Bill Clinton look Amish.”