Clooney, Zellweger talk marriage


Hollywood stars George Clooney and Rene Zellweger joke about being married. reports that when they were asked how long they have known each other, Zellweger said, “Oh, God! Twenty-five, 30 years.” Clooney added: “Thirty-five years.” The two are starring in the movie Leatherheads, which is directed by Clooney. — HNS

JLo’s pregnancy doesn’t surprise


NEW YORK: Singer Gloria Estefan says she is not surprised that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant. quoted Estefan as saying, “I think we guessed that. Either that or she swallowed a basketball!”

Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony officially announced last month that she was pregnant. Estefan added, “Jennifer and Marc are going to make wonderful parents. The baby is definitely going to be talented!” — HNS

Hermit Hopkins

LONDON: Oscar winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins describes himself as a ‘hermit’ detached from the lives of younger Hollywood stars. reports him saying, “There are some wonderful actors around, I think it’s all about celebrity now. Fashion, girls, youth — it’s much faster, a little bit overwhelming.” He added, “I live my life and don’t think about acting at all, it doesn’t preoccupy me any more.” — HNS