Coffee-machine : ghost and jumping eggs

While I was working on a case about a stolen racecar, my friend Bella came running all petrified saying she had seen a ghost. I needed a break, so I asked her to accompany me to Joe’s diner, and we would speak about it.

For a while neither of us spoke, so to break the silence I asked her about what she saw. She then began narrating her story.

“My cat Howie and I were sitting and watching television when the lights began to flicker before it went off. Just as the light was flickering, I saw a glowing white figure near my cat trying to reach out and hold it. I managed to pull it and screamed so that the figure would disappear, but it did not. I was sweating but I managed to look right into her eyes before she disappeared.”

Bella stopped and I told how queer could a story get. She said she too found it strange but I could make out that she wasn’t lying. She wanted me to help her and try to figure out if it was her figment of imagination, which she claimed it was not. I accompanied her to her house to look for clues. As we reached her house, I saw some footprints in the mud. I pointed out that the ghost did not have footprints. The ghost was sneaky but not very clever, I said.

The next afternoon, Bella came and announced she had some clues about the so-called ghost. We rushed to her house.

As we stepped in, I noticed a fresh set of footprints, coffee-making machine on, broken egg shells and yolk splattered on the floor, grocery bags laid across the table and the most interesting was the frightening drops of red liquid sprayed across the messy white floor. As I bent over to check the mess on the floor I asked her when it had happened.

“I put the coffee machine on an hour ago, and when I did so the eggs jumped out of the case and smashed on the floor,” she said.

I asked her to repeat her story and slowly everything fell into place.

“Bella you are lying,” I told her.

She was stunned and admitted it was her who had tried to make a fool of me. She then asked me how I found out it was her.

It was simple.

If she had put the machine on an hour ago, the coffee would have been boiling. — Neha Chhetri, Easterly Parkway Elementary School