Sanjeev Satgainya


When a water balloon or two strikes you like a bolt from the blue and children make water guns their weapons for the day, it gives everyone a fair idea that Holi is just around the corner. Holi, the most colourful festival, lurks slowly to your doorstep. Just the day before the celebration, Collage Pvt Ltd organised a pre-Holi bash — Wired II — at Club Subterrenia to welcome Holi in style. Yet another party, but one that had everything to colour the spirits of everyone present — music, dance, booze and, of course, entertainment. The entrance offered abir. “It is mandatory, so don’t forget to wear some colour,” said Bishal Shrestha, a member of the organising team while I slipped underground.

It was nine when the music had just begun to catch up. With vibrant enthusiasm, some were shaking their booties on the dance floor while the rest were busy making plans for the following day’s celebration. “We have plans to carry out the same theme at least twice a year. Last time we had a first edition on a similar theme,” said Shrestha. The dress code for the event was ravishing red or wishful white. But to surprise me, there were too few who donned the do. But who cares! Yet another highlight — people were not tired of dancing, whatever the music. A gentleman sitting just beside me pointed out that the sequence was going haywire, musically. Had DJing been up to the mark, he could have won the hearts of many but then there are other things, too, that pull one to the dance floor. The beer drinking competition attracted many. Sachin Katuwal won the competition as he finished his can the fastest but “I don’t know how long I actually took to finish that one,” he laughed when asked. All in all, the party turned out to be great entertainment as people kept on coming in till late night.