Colour your ideal house

KATHMANDU: Thinking to paint a house with the best of your imagination? Here comes your chance!

Pashupati Paints brings you ‘Color Your Dreams & Win Rs 50,000’ contest where you can paint a house template the way you like and win cash prize for that.

All you need is to download the house template. Print that template and colour it using any medium like colour pencils, crayons, water colours, poster colours, acrylic or oil colours. Then, take a picture of your painting or scan it and upload it.

“If you look at the houses of Kathmandu, people are only interested in painting the interiors. But it is important to paint the exteriors and it can be done creatively,” shared Harsha Shahani, CEO of V-Chitra, who advertises and markets Pashupati Paints, about the idea of the painting contest. “A house is everyone’s dream. Why not paint your ideal home yourself?” And you get that opportunity with this contest.

Anyone, from artist to interior designers, architecture or students above the age of 13 years, can participate in the contest as per Shahani. A panel of judges will adjudge the paintings based on creativity, originality, and colour combination on the walls.

The contest began on January 3. There will be six contests until March 10, each contest featuring one house template. The template with best colour combination will win Rs 50,000 in each contest, held every 10 days. All six winners will be featured in Pashupati Paints calendar 2073.

For downloading and uploading house templates and more information, log unto or