Colourful shadows


The vibrant colours demand your immediate attention. But the bold statements of emotions made by the colours and figures also capture your thoughts.

Erina Tamrakar’s eighth solo exhibition Silhouettes in Time was inaugurated on May 13 at the Siddhartha Art Gallery by Dr Vijay Gajananda Vaidya.

Tamrakar is known for her striking portrayals of the female form. This time however, she has shifted her focus to inspirations and experiences during trips to Manag, Manaslu and Sri Lanka.

“This time my work is more on umbrella, sculptures, Buddha and women,” said Tamrakar.

Images of Buddha using green, white and gold stand out. “After travelling to Sri Lanka, I was impressed and inspired by the statues and sculptures of Buddha. I have used green, white and gold to express divinity — gold for purity, green for nature where Buddha got the enlightenment, and white for peace,” she said.

Though Tamrakar plays with mono colours, this time the contrasts signify stronger emotions. The series of umbrella paintings expresses the reflections of fear, coyness. The human figures in the paintings are depicted by forms of sculptures not giving them any definite features but more of silhouette forms.

The exhibition is on till May 30.