Colours for your hair

Himalayan News Service


Every day hundreds of women walk the aisles of their local grocery store, drug store, and beauty supply store looking at hair dyes. So many to chose from, and so many questions. How will it look? How will my hair feel after I dye? What is involved with dying my hair? We cannot tell you how it will look because that depends on what colour your hair is and what colour you buy. We can give you some insights into how the dyes work and how pleasant dying your hair with these dyes is. Superior Preference by LOreal: The colourist gloves are in the package, and it had the same strong smell that dissipated and smelled like something, it was sweet, almost cloying, and put me in mind of licorice. It was not the same scent used in the Feria dye. Superior Preference also came with extra conditioner that you are supposed to use once a week after dying. The conditioner was again fantastic. The colour was not as shiny or glowing as the Feria colour.

Nutrisse by Labratories Garnier: Nutrisse comes with very large plastic gloves that crinkle and fold while you use them, trapping dye on your hands. Nutrisse makes a kind of colour masque, which looks like an opaque gel. This meant no spattering. It also meant that the sensation of dye oozing down and off of your head did not occur. Nutrisse comes with a fruit oil that is supposed to kill some of the ammonia smell. The oil has a soft melon aroma that actually did kill of some of the ammonia fumes. Like LOreal, Nutrisse comes with a conditioner, but it is only to be used right after colouring. The colour was flat and began to fade after a short period of time. The ammonia smell of the dye lasted for thirty hours and one shampoo after dying.

A few last hints for the would-be hair colourist. If your hair is more than fourteen inches long, buy two boxes of dye. This allows you to properly saturate your hair. If you want red hair, buy the colour safe shampoo because red dyes fade quickly. Lastly, it is much easier to go darker than to go lighter. Similar shades and darker colours can be applied every 24 hours if you want to change that often. Lighter colours need bleach, which is bad for your hair, or time, which can be bad for you if you hate the colour. That said, enjoy your new colour.