Confident Designer Victoria Beckham

LONDON: Victoria Beckham wants to grow as a designer, but believes she has finally become an established name in the fashion world.

Victoria Beckham is glad she has had to "prove" herself.

The singer-turned-designer was delighted to see a number of famous names - including Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz - wearing her dresses at pre- and post-Oscar parties earlier this month and thinks she has finally been accepted by thefashion world.

She said: "I have had to prove myself. But that's a good thing: everybody has to prove themselves, not just me... I want to grow as a designer, I want to learn the techniques and do more and more.

"I feel more confident in myself because I feel fulfilled, creatively and professionally. I've still got a long way to go, but I feel very happy. I'm in a good place in my life. And I don't feel I have to prove myself as much as I used to have to."

Victoria - who has been widely criticised for her slender frame - is particularly happy that her creations have been endorsed by so many stars of different physiques.

She added: "The support has been fantastic. And it's been great that it's been on lots of different body shapes as well. There have been tiny people wearing the dresses, such as Madonna, and then Jennifer Hudson wore one at the Golden Globes. The way the dresses have been constructed means that they are really flattering."