Confluence of poetry and music

KATHMANDU: It was a perfect harmony of melodies and poetry at the Acoustic Friday with Viplob Pratik and Abhaya & The Steam Injuns at the Pulchowk Bakery Café on December 26.

Viplob Pratik can create magic with words and one of his latest ventures is Abhaya’s new album Nayan. It was songs from Nayan that Abhaya & The Steam Injuns performed. Along with the lyrics with equally captivating music and great vocals, it was songs like Jaa Dai Chhu, Suna Suna Suna and currently popular Timro lagi that received quite an applause.

It was then followed by the recitation of Pratik’s poems on love, pain, joy and sorrow. “I write about things that happen in society, things that affect people’s lives,” said Pratik.

While some seemed to have a direct meaning, others used metaphors. Describing his approach Pratik said, “I write about things that I feel but I also try to write in a way so that the reader understands my poems and relates to it.”

It was quite a treat for the listeners as he read out poems he had written way back in 1986 to his recent ones. Some of the poems included A Person Kissed by Moon, Mero Khulduli, Parda, You and I in the Furnace, Hawa were on aspects such as love and life whereas poems like Marlboro Muluk and Zebra Cross ma Euta Kukur were satires on the present situation of our country. The poems were well appreciated. Besides the poems, it was the jokes he cracked be it on drinks or load-shedding that received claps and cheers. Describing his experience Pratik said, “It is my first solo recitation of poems and I really enjoyed it.”

The programme was organised by The Bakery Café in association

with b&n.