LONDON: Actor Daniel Craig said he accepted the role of James Bond only after consulting director Steven Spielberg. Spielberg reassured Craig that he would not be typecast by the part, said. Craig worked under Spielberg in Munich but was scared that he would not get such an edgy part again if he agreed to play Bond. But Spielberg said the role would not harm his career. Craig said: “I asked Steven Spielberg. I said, ‘Would you employ me again if I did Bond?’ He said, ‘Course I would’. Well not quite like that. But he’s a huge Bond fan.”

Meanwhile, former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan is still angry that he was not asked to continue as Bond in Casino Royale. According to, Brosnan said he always wanted to go back to the birth of the spy. But Craig was given the role instead. Ironically, it was Brosnan and prospective director Quentin Tarantino who first approached Bond producers about making Casino Royale.