Creating awareness in youth

As I was watching television the other day, a VJ asked the viewers if the urban youth were aware about the country’s present situation. I turned off the television and thought about it for sometime and asked myself, “Am I aware about my country’s situation?” I heard a positive answer from my heart but then I thought about it again. “What am I doing to help the country?” was only question that came to my mind.

I gathered recent newspapers and noted down the events happening here and tried to discuss it with my classmates the following day. During the discussions, I came to know that even in my class of 28, everyone was divided into three different perspectives. Some of them were in the same condition as me was, which is in spite of knowing the country’s situation, we were confused as to what to do to solve the problems. The majority, though they were aware of the situation, did not really care and were happy to be bound within the walls of their safe cocoon, while some of them had no idea about it.

Who is to be blame for this? Are the youth to be blamed or the inappropriate education system? If this attitude continues towards the country and its development by the youth, the dream of developing our country will go down the drain.

In order to have a secure future, the youth should be involved in community services and inform others about the country’s situation. Talk shows, presentations and debates can be organised regarding the current situation in various educational institutions. Politicians could be approached to inform

the youth about the situation of the country. Finally, they can discuss about the problems and find solutions for the same and help build a New Nepal.

— Nivida Lamichhane, Triyog High School