Creative exploration through drawings

KATHMANDU: The creativity of school students was evident on March 9, as they painted the Patan Museum with their colourful

imagination in the form of drawings. Their imagination of cityscape, life, displacement and migration, equality and

human rights among others was evident in their drawings.

Thirty-five artworks created by the students of 21 schools of Sindhupalchowk district and Kathmandu Valley were put together for the one-day exhibition at Genius Event 2017. And students aged three- to 16-year-old participated in it. Spiny Babbler had organised the exhibition in association with 92 Y of New York.

Pallav Ranjan, Chairperson of Spiny Babbler shared, “This exhibition is a platform for the students to show their creativity through art. It aims to motivate students to think, learn, and express creatively”.

Seven students of Bimal Memorial Vidhyapeeth Secondary School, Bhaktapur had used pencil colours to draw a well-planned city with infrastructures such as hospital, road, transportation, et cetera. It was a learning experience for Sapana Ale Magar, one of the students from this group. “We worked in a team. It helped me to increase mutual understanding among the team members and boost my confidence level,” she shared.

The students studying in Class IV and V at Surya Deep Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur had created a drawing related to violence against women, using pencil colours.

Similarly, the students of Hilaros Montessori Preschool and Day Care, Patan had created a lovely drawing — it showcased children playing, dancing, studying and more. They had used warm colours like yellow, orange, red among others to make it colourful. And the human figures that they drew were in basic geometrical shapes like line, circle, triangle and rectangle.