Cricket is my passion

Cricket is the lovely game and is my best engagement next to study. I have deep interest in it and I believe in my ability that I can progress in this game. My sports teachers’ guidance and instructions are very useful for me. They help us to channelise our energy and skill into right directions. I learnt from them to believe in myself and believe in them who believe that I can do something so I have full trust in them. According to them, I can study and play side by side.

My teachers’ saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” always impresses me. Of course, study should be our topmost priority.

I want to make the best use of my free time. I always spend my leisure time playing games but while studying I do not think of games. I want to excel in whichever field I choose. Cricket is refreshing and enjoyable. I enjoy playing with my schoolmates. I am delighted to deliver a fast ball to Prashant sir who does brilliant batting. When Sanat sir tells me that I bowl like Shoaib Akhtar I feel happy and get encouraged. In fact Akhtar’s full toss, yorker and speed appeal me very much. I wish people call me ‘Shuvatara Express’. I am also a fan of Brett Lee.

Explosive batting thrills me. My ideal batsmen are Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist. I like to win the wonderful stroke of Ponting and striking rate of Gilchrist and bat the way Jayasurya does. I love One Day games and Tests are dull to me.

My country’s young promising cricketers are also creating waves even in international standards. I wish that my country becomes a test-playing nation soon. Our players have made us feel proud and I would be delighted to share some experiences with them. I agree sportsmanship is the first and most important winner. I believe in, ‘Fair play all the way and enjoy the day.’ Firstly, I want to prove myself in the school and I hope to represent my country some day in future. — Ayush Manandhar, Class 8, Shuvatara Residential School, Lamatar