Crossing the border


Ma peerati launa lai aye…

Nepali ko basti basti ma saino kelauna aye

So true were the words from Amber Gurung’s classic that MP Gurung rendered on April 25 at the ‘r’ sala of nepa~laya. He was born and brought up in Shillong, India and was not very aware of Nepali culture, lifestyle and music. After being introduced to Nepal and her songs by Dharma Raj Thapa, Gurung started his journey into Nepali music. He composed and sang many songs, he even came to perform in Nepal in 1965 but after that he gave up music due to his busy schedule. And performing after four decades he described his relation with music and Nepal very well and how they have created a bond with him.

For last four years nepa~laya through its Paleti series has been presenting one contemporary Nepali music personality every last Friday of the month. This year they are focusing on Nepali talents from North-east India.

Gurung started the show with a Krishna bhajan Ghana Shyam. Expressing his happiness to get the opportunity of perform in Nepal he said, “It’s been wonderful to sit behind the harmonium again. Actually my family was surprised to see me agree to perform and were complaining about my enthusiasm to come all the way here at this old age.”

“Back then when we use to perform, we used to stand and play music and sing, so here sitting down this comfortably, I feel that 75 per cent of my voice is not coming out,” he added with smile.

He sang around 16 songs some by Amber Gurung, some by Dharma Bhakta Thapa and some of his own original numbers. When he was in Nepal last he had sung a song penned by Kiran Kharel, and yesterday too he performed Peerati mero, Jau Jau lag cha, Mirmire ko ranko, Phool ko thunga and many more. Lyrist Kharel graced the event.

Actor-cum-singer Madan Krishna Shrestha who was there said, “This is the first time I am here and liked the setting very well. It’s good to see audience sitting so close and enjoy music and I am really excited about my performance this August.”