Cruise’s positive energy rubs on Becks


Actor Tom Cruise comforted David Beckham, former England football team captain, after he was dropped.

Beckham had announced his resignation as captain after the World Cup and then was dropped from the national team. According to, Cruise was one of the first people Beckham called when he was dropped. He says: “When I reached America, I phoned Tom. He’s a great guy to be able to speak to because he is a very positive-minded person. It is good to have people around you at that point. He talked about everything I had done in the World Cup, about the goal I scored and the goals I set up. He said I was a great player, that I played for Real Madrid, I’ve got a healthy family and three boys and a wife who love me to bits. He’s a great example of someone who stays positive through everything.

And that’s how I started to get over what had happened with the England news. I got over it that way, with friends around me.” — HNS