Crystal clear

KATHMANDU: Those expensive crockery sets and glasses that you have handpicked for special occasions are probably the most treasured possessions (of your kitchen) for you. You take so much precaution while storing them and even while using, but when its time for cleaning your glassware always needs special attention. They are so fragile and even a small spot is visible, so you need to be careful while cleaning. The best way to keep those crystals clean and sparkling is by washing them with your own hands.

Here is how to do it.

•To avoid scratching the glassware, hands should be free of all jewellery including rings, watches and bracelets. Because their hard surface may cut the glass, diamonds are a particular hazard.

•Prior to washing, dust each piece of glassware using a soft all-cotton cloth such as a baby diaper. Avoid linen or paper towels as their rough fibres can cause scratches.

•To hand wash, pad the sides and bottom of the sink or a huge bowl with a cotton towel, then fill it with tepid water and a small amount of liquid hand dishwashing detergent.

•Using both hands, immerse the glassware in the water one piece at a time. Avoid holding the piece by handles or delicate ornamentation.

•Gently rub the piece clean with a small cotton cloth. For stubborn dirt, scrub gently with a soft toothbrush. Then, rinse twice.

•For the first rinse, fill the sink or bowl with tepid water plus a capful of ammonia or white vinegar. This solution adds sparkle and helps remove grease and many stains including red wine, lipstick and potpourri.

•The final rinse — a long, gentle shower using the sink’s spray attachment — will remove any residue from the ammonia or vinegar solution.

•It’s better to hand dry fine glassware. Side effects of air drying can include unsightly watermarks and, particularly where the water is hard, the possibility of corrosion. Be sure

to dry each piece thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth.