Dabur Vatika MISS NEPAL 2005: Blowing with the wind


A sophomore at Bernhardt College, she loves making friends. No wonder if she’s almost made friends with each of the contestants participating in the pageant. But, an inveterate extrovert she knows better how to handle stuffs! Gossiping is one of her favourite pastime. When we speak of Nirja, ‘punctuality’ strikes the mind as a synonym. And she hates people who disregard it. She loves blowing with the wind, and though she isn’t very sure about her future plans knows that there’s a title in store for her.

Name: Nirja Ranjit

Place of birth: Kathmandu

Date of Birth: 15 August 1986

Ambition in life: To be a successful woman

I like: Someone who’s truthful and loves me

I hate: Liars and smokers

Present occupation: Student

Hobbies: Travelling and listening music

Favourite Place: Birthplace

Idols/heroes: My mom and papa

Inspiration for becoming a model: My mom

Favourite outfit: Jeans, T-shirts and skirts

Favourite brand/ colour of lipstick: No particular brand /I prefer maroon shine

Favourite cosmetic brand: All herbals

Favourite facial: Dabur face pack

Favourite perfume: Depends on mood

Character I’d like to see in a husband: Understanding, supportive and someone who’d shower all his love on me.