Dabur Vatika MISS NEPAL 2005: Romantic wanderer

Kathmandu: She’s a romantic. Everything that catches her casual glimpse turns beautiful. That’s something unique, indeed! And of course she has a thousand beautiful ways to express these observations. But the one that she’s particularly fond of is doing it with her almost impeccable ballet steps. Being an avid traveller, she’s had the taste of both the oriental and western cultures. Having met people from diverse cultures she’s come to the conclusion that no frontiers and no colour can strip human beings of their essential humility. Deep down, they all have the same tender heart!

Name: Cherie Sherchan

Place of birth: Bhutan, Thimpu

Date of Birth: 9 February 1987

Ambition in life: to become a known artist of my time

I like: lip gloss, food and lollypops

I hate: people who can’t accept differences

Present occupation: Student

Hobbies: playing basketball, swimming and listening to music

Favourite Place: Thailand

Idols/heroes: I admire a lot of people for different things

Inspiration for becoming a model: My family and friends

Favourite outfit: Anything I’d look beautiful in

Favourite brand/ colour of lipstick: Manhattan, vanilla flavoured

Favourite cosmetic brand: None

Favourite perfume: Cool water

My ideal husband would be: someone who’s very interesting, loving and caring.

Real talent!

Sunita Sapkota, contestant no. 2, Hema Shrestha, contestant no. 3, Anita Gurung, contestant no. 14 and Sugarika KC, contestant no. 18 have been nominated for the Real Miss Natural Talent award, which is part of the beauty pageant Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal