Daddy Dearest

We may not shower

him with praise

Nor mention his

name in song,

And sometimes it seems that we forget

The joy he spreads

as he goes along,

But it doesn’t

mean that

we don’t know

The wonderful role

that he has had.

And away down deep

in every heart

There’s a place that is

just for Dad...

— Author unknown


Many of us identify with these lines as we hardly have a heart-to-heart talk with our dads to tell them how much we love them. And Father’s Day is the day when we get the chance to do just this. And some of our well-known personalities take time out to tell us about this special bond they share(d) with their fathers.

Guide and mentor: Our country still is a kind of patriarchal society and fathers still influence most of the decisions at home. So for me also my father has always been the one who guided me in my professional life.

I believe the turning point of my life was when my father told us that we should try to get into a different profession from that of our siblings. He also hinted we should try not to choose our father’s profession as he felt people might say we followed our father just because we couldn’t do anything on our own. And this would shatter our self-confidence. This really made me try out different areas of profession before settling in on photography. It was this very perception of his, which gave me the confidence to go into a profession, which was hardly considered a good choice then.

Memorable time together: When I was around seven or eight, we had gone to

Calcutta. Unfortunately all of our money was stolen.

We were very worried but thank god my father had the habit of keeping some money in his inner pockets. So we returned to Nepal with the help of that money. I can never forget that

incident. I was so happy to know that my dad had money to bail us out in such a difficult situation.

My Daddy strongest: My dad used to act in street plays, which were very popular in Kathmandu. He was the hero and many people would tell me that your father is such a nice actor and I felt very proud. He was a superstar for me.

Scary moments: Once I stole some money from the box where my father used to keep some. Incidentally my mother saw me and scolded me. But the thing that scared me the most was the fact

that she would tell my dad and I would have to face him. Those three to four hours I waited for my father to come home must be the most difficult hours of my life. I was very scared and tensed. That must be the first and last time I wished that my father wouldn’t come home that day.

Father’s words: I guess it’s natural that one tends to lose temper more often after a certain age, but I feel that fathers should be patient with their children, especially with teenagers. Being strict is one thing but he should talk to them and listen to their point of view with a cool mind. If you just get angry with them they feel that you don’t understand them, which can have a negative impact on them.

— Raj Bhai Suwal,


Mentor and guide: I consider myself lucky to be born to such great parents. I believe that both mother and father have their own capabilities, which makes them unique in their own way. As for my father he has been the perfect mentor for me who has always given me the best guidelines. We all can always gain from our father’s experience, as he always knows more about the world.

Memories shared: When I about seven or eight, I fell down from a five-storey building. Actually I was angry about something, so I just jumped off. The way my father took care of me after that incident was really heartening. He just kept everything else aside and gave his full attention and time to me.

My Daddy strongest: When I was young my friends and I used to have these competitions about whose father is the best.

We would always boast about our father’s achievements. Now as I think

about it I really enjoyed those competitions.

Scary moments: I am always very scared of my dad; whenever we meet I am a bit fearful of his nature.

For Dad: I love you my father. Happy Father’s Day.

— Jems Pradhan,


I don’t think I can differentiate between my dad and my mum as I am equally

attached to both of them. However, my dad is more

of a friend to me. We often share jokes and fool with each other, which I hardly do with my mother.

Fond memories: When I am with my father, everyday is fun. The best thing

about him is that he can take decisions very quickly and amazingly his decisions are always right.

My daddy strongest: The way people react or treat me when they know that I am Hari Bhansha’s son is very overwhelming. When I watch or read about his achievements and even when I see the way people meet him or talk to him, makes me feel really proud.

Scary moments: I used to be scared of him when I was a child but these days we sit and talk if there either of us has a problem.

For Dad: I love you dad and you are the best.

— Mohit Acharya,

upcoming singer and actor

Mentor and guide: The person behind my success and the one who helped me reach wherever I am today is my dad. There are times when we need to make a bold decision in life and are not able to do so without good guidance; at such moments it is always my father whom I would turn to. I lost my father about three years ago but even today when I get confused while taking decisions, I remember him. He always said, “You should listen to everyone’s advice but should always follow your heart.”

Fond memories: My father helped me throughout the training period when

I was participating for Miss Nepal. And it was during that time when I

developed a special attachment with him, earlier it was just my father — head of the family.

My daddy strongest: My dad was in army. With a height of six feet and impressive personality, when I was small I always identified him with superheroes like Phantom. However, there was this time when I had returned from the Philippines after the Miss Asia Pacific pageant and had arrived here at around 12 in the night. While going to our house we were surrounded by a few hooligans at Gaushala, but my father took control of the situation. The way he commanded the driver and made those boys run away, I felt like “yes my dad is the strongest”.

Scary moments: I was only scared of him when I used to sneak out of house to go to parties without telling him. Like any other father he didn’t like me wearing too much makeup.

For all dads: I would like to tell all the fathers that both the parents have a huge role in a child’s life so they should also get actively involved in their child’s upbringing. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads of the world.

— Ruby Rana,

former Miss Nepal