Dashain mathematics

Hey guys! It’s mathematical Dashain. Surprising right? But don’t worry. It’s not at all boring. Do you want to go for it? Here it is...

 In this special occasion of Dashain, let’s add up our love, respect and honour for each other. Let’s subtract our misconceptions and violence. Let’s multiply our positive thoughts and let’s not divide our unity. Let us not be BODMAS but always follow the rules. Let us simplify our problems together and be united as the unitary method. Let us factorise ourselves with good formulas of moral attitude and behaviours.

While shopping for Dashain we should try to have a discount in MP so that we can have less CP. Our diet in Dashain should be in proportion. We should first construct our ability before spending a lot for celebrations. Our simple interest in studies should always go on and on. While playing cards in Dashain the probability of getting a trial ace is almost impossible so let’s stop playing cards. “Drinking too much alcohol is injurious to health” this statement is proved through SAS test (save and survive). So let’s eradicate such habits. Flying kite at a straight angle is very popular in Dashain. And all the children love doing it.