KATHMANDU: Tihar is celebrated for five days and it includes worshipping of crows, dogs, cows, goddess Laxmi, if you are a Newar your self — Mha puja, and worshipping of brothers.

Bhai tika rounds up the Tihar festivities, with sisters worshipping their brothers and praying to Yamaraj, the Hindu god of death, for their long life on this day.

Sisters put tika on their brothers’ foreheads, put a mala (garland) made of marigold and makhmali flowers with wishes for long life and prosperity.

Brothers sit on the floor while sisters perform puja.

The bhai tika is usually made up of seven colours and sisters often put the tika with the hflp of a matchstick.

In return, brothers give gifts of clothes or money to sisters, while sisters give a special gift of masala, which is a packet of dried fruits and nuts, and candies.

If you belong to the Newar community, then the day prior to Bhai tika, you perform the Mha puja, which literally means worshipping yourself. This day also marks the start of a new Newar year.